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C3SA Activities

BoardroomC3SA is committed to conducting cybersecurity research to inform national cybersecurity policy and strategy decisions. We develop and implement locally-informed educational programmes dedicated to increasing cybersecurity awareness in the region. We believe that education and awareness are the cornerstones of cybersecurity capacity building.

Fundamental to the C3SA’s success is in identifying, understanding, and collaborating with key stakeholders and partners to inform and optimise project and research design, delivery, and evaluation. C3SA itself thought leader in the SSA region  in providing a deeper understanding of the status, challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity. We are in the forefront of raising awareness of cybersecurity vulnerabilities that national governments. C3SA disseminates locally informed cybersecurity capacity knowledge, and in doing so raise awareness of issues of cybersecurity capacity that countries need to pay attention to.

Our strategic focus

  • Collaborative Partnerships  
  • Targeted Outreach 
  • National and Regional Assessment 
  • Advancement of Cybersecurity Capacity 
  • African driven research in cybersecurity