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CMM Deployment

infographicThe work of C3SA is anchored on the deployment of the Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model for African nations (CMM) in countries throughout Southern African and where opportunities arise, the broader Sub-Saharan Africa region. Our experts ensure that all members involved in deployment activities understand the significance of the five dimensions (D) of the CMM:  (D1) Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy; (D2) Cyber Culture and Society; (D3) Cybersecurity Education, Training and Skills; (D4) Legal and Regulatory Frameworks; and (D5) Standards, Organisations, and Technologies.

C3SA identifies and collaborates with local, regional, and international partners to complete CMM reviews and ensure the results of the assessments enable decision-makers in governments and partners to identify cybersecurity gaps and focus on priority areas for capacity building investments and policy development.